The 15th International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets

Sep. 4-8, 2016
Sendai International Center: Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0856, Japan

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Important Dates

Registration for presentation was closed.
For Excursion and Lunch, please click Modify Registered Info in the bottom.
Deadline: 10th August 2016
To add "Banquet", please modify your registered Info in the bottom and pay at the registration desk by cash.


The registration fee includes daily lunches, refreshments, welcome party and excursion.
For details, see the document.

Registration Fee

Single regular/student registration fee covers single presentation.
We accept Japaese Yen only. If you are PD, please select "Regular".

Early Regular 60,000JPY
Early Student 30,000JPY
Early Banquet 7,000JPY
Cancel without Notice 20,000JPY

The registration fee must be paid by credit card.
For those who have problems in online credit card payment, please use fax form here.

Online Registration

Before your registration, please decide whether you apply for presentaion or not.

In case of Registration Only
You can finish the registration without uploading abstract.
Abstract submssion can be made afterward.

In case of Successive Registration & Abstract Submission
Please prepare your abstract in advance by using template.
You can change your presentation title, co-authors and abstract file until the deadline (March 18th).

Change Your Registration Information.

Registration, abstract submission and payment in three steps

Please prepare your abstract in advance by using template.

Step 1: Register your information from the “New Registration" button
You will receive the e-mail showing your registered information. Abstract submission is NOT mandatory at Step 1.
Step 2: Login from “Submit Abstract" button in Abstract Submission tab
*You can proceed from Step1 to Step2 successively.
You will receive the confirmation e-mail of the submission.
Step 3: In the confirmation e-mail of your registration, there is the link for the payment.
Please follow the link, you will be guided to the payment site.

Important Note

1. To change the following items, entry(regular/student), accompanying person and banquet, please send e-mail to Conference Secretary: icmm2016_at_imr.tohoku.ac.jp (Please replace “_at_” by “@”)
2. When you cancel your registration after the payment, please send e-mail to Conference Secretary: icmm2016_at_imr.tohoku.ac.jp (Please replace “_at_” by “@”)
Then you will have contacts from the organizer and by the handling company: Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. There is no online reimbursement process. You are requested to pay handling fee (5,000JPY) for cancellation.
3. We recommend you to pay all fees in one time, otherwise, you may be charged an additional transaction fee.
4. For the technical question about credit card payment, please ask to
Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd./ Kintetsu International Tokyo,
E-mail: icmm2016@or.knt.co.jp Fax: +81-3-6891-9413
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 - 18:00 (Japan time)
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays.

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